Monday, March 30, 2009

Time Flies...

Playin outside

Hanging out with Auntie Emily during spring break :)

Aunt Amanda & Uncle Ali came to visit!!

My baby is 9 months old!! It seems like she has been in our family forever... but at the same time I can't believe it's already been nine months! Here are a few 9 month facts:
  • Leighton LOVES LOVES LOVES to be outside. We sit in the backyard, go on walks, and hang out by the pool non-stop! She is so happy to just sit and watch the scenery!
  • We don't have "exact" measurements this month... but I'm guessing she is around 14 lbs and 25ish inches!? Either way, she is still wearing 0-3 month clothes!
  • No teeth... but chewing and slobbering on everything
  • She has an adorable smile and laugh. She babbles a lot. Says "dada" and has said "mama" a couple times.
  • Sits on own... Rolls back and forth... Scoots on back
  • Hair is finally starting to grow!!! Color is yet to be determined... Reddish tint in the sun!?
  • Always wants to stay naked! She throws a royal fit when it's time to put her diaper back on or get dressed
  • Usually gets up about once during the night. Slept 100% through the night about 3 times. Dang it.
  • Leila loves: singing, dancing, tickling, books that play music, Elmo doll, necklaces, bracelets, mirrors, cell phones, ect.  Pretty much anything that sings, talks, is shiny, or reflects
  • So far she HATES HATES baby food. I don't think this will change. We've tried ever trick and every flavor. She will eat some grown-up foods: bananas, potatoes, bread, tortillas, and thanks to her grandmas & grandpas she loves pepsi & coke. Anything else we pretty much have to trick her into opening her mouth and sneak in the healthy stuff. (That lasts for about 8 bites!)
  • Best of all she loves her mom and dad!! Leighton adores her grammies, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Any familiar face puts a huge smile on hers!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taking some pictures for spring..
She didn't love the tutu so much
Spring Flower
Leighton, Halle & Paisley playing
New music toy.. loves it.
This is like a binkie, but really it's chewy for teething... cool huh? She goes to town on it.
Playing with grandpa.

We went to Idaho for the last week and loved every second of it. It was so much fun (and always is) to hang out with family and friends. These are just a bunch of random pictures from the trip. Leighton got some new toys, of course, and is already getting bored with some of them, of course again!! I swear she is teething, but can't even feel a bump on her gums. She is chewing and slobbering like crazy. Can't believe she is almost 9 months! (Everyone we meet thinks she is only 3 or 4 months.... I just tell them she is really advanced for her age. )

Monday, March 2, 2009


So this is the beautiful view from my backyard. I absolutely love it. What I don't love is being teased with wonderful warm weather, and then seeing that it is supposed to be chilly again this weekend! Come on. It's March. Almost spring. Just stay warm. Can't wait much longer.