Thursday, January 15, 2009


So one of my New Years resolutions this year needs some help. It's more turning in to a February resolution... I want to get Leighton to sleep in her crib!! (Possibly through the night?) Yes, she has been sleeping in our bed for the last four months, and it needs to stop! Have I already ruined our chances? With all of our moving around and traveling it just became a habit. I actually found it really convenient to have her by me all through the night... for awhile. Now our "co-sleeping" arrangement isn't so helpful. If we go anywhere that has a smaller bed Davis ends up sleeping on the couch because he doesn't want to wake her up/ roll on her.
I know there are some strong oppinions about the pros and cons of co-sleeping, but now I would like to undo it. ANY suggestions would be appreciated! Routines, tricks, bribes, sleeping pills :), ect... I feel like I spent all this time finding the 'perfect' crib and the cutest bedding; shouldn't I get to use them?!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Idaho Trip

Peterson Family (minus Logan, love you!)

Grammy Tami, Leighton, Emily, & Grandpa Paul

Ali & Amanda!

Opening Elmo Live! (Leighton loves it)
So here is a few more of our Holiday pics. We were able to go up to Idaho for 10 days over New Years, and it was so much fun. I love anytime that we can go up, but it was especially nice to get to stay for that long. So much better than the quick weekend trips when 2 days are wasted driving! It was great to see everyone (friends and family)! We just happened to pick the week that snowed almost every day or was freeeeeezing cold. Good old memories of growing up in Idaho!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Leighton and her cousin Harley, or Santa and his little Elf! (and she's a month older than him!)

Loving Santa. How is she even 0ld enough to know to be scared?!

Cowgirl up... Christmas morning

Grandma Kelley and Papa

Christmas Eve

So this is a few of our Christmas pics! I know they are pretty late, but better than never! We stayed in St. George for Christmas this year, and it was great! There was even snow... so I felt right at home. The Snow family had huge parties with tons and tons of food and family. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and be together! With all of the holiday fun Leighton is now sick. So we are on our way to the dr's! More pics to come...