Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Year Stats

  • Weight 15 lbs 1 oz  (0th percentile);  Height 27 inches  (11th percentile)
  • Leighton is crawling, standing, climbing, rolling on EVERYTHING, will stand in one spot and balance
  • Still LOVES being outside! Going on walks, watching cars, just being outdoors
  • Wants to do anything involving water... swimming, bathtime, playing in the sink, turning the water on and off, spray bottles, fountains, ect.
  • Leila is eating a lot better... still not a huge fan of baby food... but enjoys mexican!! (aka.. quesadillas, beans & rice).  Other favorites include cereal, yogurt, pasta, potatoes, bananas & snow cones
  • Saying "dada, mama, dog, bye-bye, & duck".  Fascinated with dogs, and whenever we see one, she'll say "dog" for hours...
  • Takes vitamins & miralax once a day
  • Weaning from formula to whole milk... and from a bottle to sippy cups!
  • LOVES playing games, patt-a-cake (does all the actions), peek-a-boo, holds up finger to show she's "1", playing with balls, cell phones, keys, reading books, & dancing
  • Leighton's funniest habit right now is that she is crazy about the "Lagoon" commercial!! Whenever it comes on she'll stop whatever she's doing to watch! She's never interested in the tv... but no matter what she's doing she'll turn around and stop just for the length of the commercial! Even if we're in the other room.. if she hears the music..  she'll look around for it! (And yes... it comes on a LOT durning the summer!!)  LOVE IT.
  • Hair is finally growing :)  Can scrape together a tiny pony on top of her head!
  • She's wearing size 6 months in clothes.. and a size 3 diaper
  • Two bottom teeth are in... One top tooth is coming in...
  • She is the most amazing thing in my life. Leighton Bo has come soooo far over the past year and has truly been our miracle. When she was born at just 2 lbs 7 oz... people would comment on how she would be big and healthy in the years to come. That is what I have prayed for.. and that is where we are now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I LOVE how Leighton's one year pictures turned out!! They are gorgeous (and I'm not just saying that because my little girl is in them!) We spent a fun evening in the gardens at BYU-I, and a big thanks to Cass & Tash for hauling around all the accessories! (and another thanks to Leila Bo for balancing so well on the wobbly chairs)  All portraits are compliments of Cassie Jo Photos, and there are more on her site to enjoy :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Leighton's Fourth

Taking a walk w/grandpa the night before...
Wishing the parade would start...
Loving the parade & candy ...
Patiently waiting for fireworks :)
So excited during fireworks ...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1st Birthday!!

For Leighton's birthday we had an OWL theme ...  "Guess Hoooo's Turning One". Thanks to everyone that could come! It made for such a special day.  Looots of pictures to follow :)

The Invitations
 Leighton & Mom
Leighton's past year display..
Grandma Kelley
Kisses for Aunt Jamie
Grammy Tami
Amanda, Kristen & Karley
Emily & Presley
The Gifts
Rice Krispy Favors
Cupcake Table
Snack Tables
The Birthday Princess
Look Hooos One!! 
Playin with presents
Before the cake...
After the cake...