Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Family Lately...

Lei at the Fireworks...
We hiked down to a waterfall... beautiful. I fell and scraped my knee, but it was worth it :)
The girls played in the stream by the waterfall all day...
What a pretty spot?!
Waiting for more fireworks with Grandpa.
Fourth of July BBQ
At the zoo.... again! Leighton LOVES the Lion.
Leighton & Paisley walked around holding hands.
Are they happy or scared to be on this tiger??

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Birthday Girl!
Loving her new car. (with Halle)
Paisley & Payton
How cute are they?!

Our little Leighton is no longer a baby.... we now have a TWO YEAR OLD! The "Tiny & Two" party consisted of friends, family, swimming in the backyard, and all "tiny" foods. Leighton had such a fun time, and we were so happy that everyone could come! This little girl brings me happiness every single day. I am so grateful that two years after her birth, she is still strong, healthy, and the center of my world.
Leighton has the sweetest spirit and the strongest will.
She has a funny sense of humor and yet a very tender heart.
Loves to be chased and run, but loves being caught and tickled just as much.
Has such as little voice, and such a loud giggle.e
She has the most innocent face, and yet a very real "fake cry" :)
She still has a very tiny body, but her personality/attitude makes up for it.
And I love every bit of her.